Ashland County Housing Authority

The Ashland County Housing Authority was established on February 17, 1977. We have many programs available for your home in the 6 Northern Wisconsin Counties we serve.

We serve:

  • 40 Public Housing families in low rent public housing in Ashland County.
  • 4 Families in Rural Development housing on Madeline Island/LaPointe in 1990
  • 68 elderly, family and disabled households using Section 8 Vouchers in Ashland County.
  • 8 Unit Apartment Building in Mellen, built in 1968.
  • 8 Unit Apartment Building in Glidden, built in 1916, rehabilitated in 2001
  • 4 duplexes in Ashland County (1 in Ashland, 2 in Mellen, and 1 in LaPointe)
  • 227 units for 2012-2013 Low Income Weatherization in Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, Douglas, Vilas and Oneida counties.
  • Home Housing Rehabilitation Program in Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, and Douglas Counties annually and administration of the revolving loan funds. Also provide down-payment and closing-payment to homebuyers.
  • Administer the Public Benefits program for Bayfield Electric Cooperative in Ashland, Bayfield, Iron and Vilas Counties.
  • The Ashland County Housing Authority is approved under HFS 163, Wis. ADM. Code for lead (Pb) company certification.
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program: Purchased 5 foreclosed homes then rehabilitated and sold. Also, purchased one blighted structure.
  • Emergency Furnace Program: Administers this program for Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, Douglas, Oneida, and Vilas Counties.