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Weatherization Energy Auditor (Job Center Number 2693073)


Based on Experience

Duration/Usual Hours Per Week:

Full-Time, 40 Hours Per Week Minimum

Start date will depend on when the applicant can start.

Shift/Work Days:

First Shift  Monday-Friday

Number of Openings:



Minimum Requirements of Employer:


High School Diploma/GED Equivalent Required

Professional Licenses / Certifications:

No Licenses or Certifications Requested


Desired, Mileage reimbursement available.

Drivers License:


Class D - Regular (Auto, Light Truck, Moped) Required


No Endorsement Requested


18 or older Required

Experience / Qualifications:

Knowledge in the field of construction and Building
Computer Experience

Pre-employment drug screening required.

Background check required. Notice for Job Seekers


Duties and Responsibilities of the Job:

Conduct energy audits of buildings, building systems, or process systems. May also conduct investment grade audits of buildings or systems.

• Calculate potential for energy savings.
• Identify and prioritize energy saving measures.
• Identify any health or safety issues related to planned weatherization projects.
• Identify opportunities to improve the operation, maintenance, or energy efficiency of building or process systems.
• Inspect newly installed energy-efficient equipment to ensure that it was installed properly and is performing according to specifications.
• Inspect or evaluate building envelopes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, or process systems to determine the energy consumption of each system.
• Verify income eligibility of participants in publicly financed weatherization programs.
• Analyze energy bills including utility rates or tariffs to gather historical energy usage data.
• Collect and analyze field data related to energy usage.
• Educate customers on energy efficiency or answer questions on topics such as the costs of running household appliances or the selection of energy efficient appliances.
• Measure energy usage with devices such as data loggers, universal data recorders, light meters, sling psychrometers, psychrometric charts, flue gas analyzers, amp probes, watt meters, volt meters, thermometers, or utility meters.
• Perform tests such as blower-door tests to locate air leaks.
• Prepare audit reports containing energy analysis results or recommendations for energy cost savings.
• Prepare job specification sheets for home energy improvements, such as attic insulation, window retrofits, or heating system upgrades.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer




Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Vision Insurance

Leave and Holidays:

Sick Leave, Personal Leave, Vacation, Paid Holidays

Retirement & Financial:

Retirement, Deferred Compensation

Education and Training:

Paid Training


Transportation - Subsidy

How To Apply:

Apply In Person to:

Denise Lutz


Mail a Résumé

Ashland County Housing Authority
P.O. Box 349
Mellen, WI 54546


E-Mail a Résumé

To apply for this job, send your résumé to

For additional information go to Job Center of Wisconsin. If you don't have a résumé, you can register and create one at Job Center of Wisconsin.


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Applicant Must Submit:

1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. Employer Questionnaire   (CLICK ON THIS ATTACHEMENT)