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Contact Ashland County Housing Authority

Ashland County Housing Authority
124 Wilderness Drive
P.O. Box 349
Mellen, Wisconsin 54546

Phone: (715) 274-8311
Toll Free: 1 (800) 274-8311
Fax: (715) 274-4303

Denise Lutz
715-274-8311 ext. 224

Executive Director


Eva Kruzan
715-274-8311 ext. 222

Financial Manager Manager - Public Housing and Weatherization Financial

Tina Gilgen
715-274-8311 ext. 227

Accounting/HR Manager - General Fund, Payroll, Insurance, Overall Bills for the Housing Authority and Buildings: Duplexes, Mellen Apt., Glidden Apt., LaPointe 4-Plex

Nikki Horak

715-274-8311 ext. 221

Outreach Specialist - Weatherization Program, Home Program, S/8 Housing Specialist

Toni Vernoski

Office Assistant - Emergency Furnace Program, Weatherization Program, S/8 Housing Specialist

Neil Deering
715-274-8311 ext. 225

Weatherization Director - Oversees the Weatherization Program and Maintenance Issues for Public Housing

Todd Mattson

Production Manager - Assists Neil with the Weatherization Program and Weatherization Energy Auditor

Tim Yanko

Weatherization Energy Auditor, Home Program

Mark Schmitt

Weatherization Energy Auditor

John Michaelson

Weatherization Energy Auditor